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Best Personal WordPress Blog Theme Free Download in 2017

We reviewed the best personal WordPress blog theme that’s available at free of charge. Continue reading to know more about it before downloading.

WordPress is the most popular and most preferred blogging platform as it’s flexible and has so many powerful features. It is very easy to customize for all types of users and offers a range of stylish appearances for any websites. People without coding knowledge can easily use WordPress. The most important thing to run a WordPress Powered website is to choose the right WordPress blog theme.

A good theme will give you numerous features and impress your thousands of visitors. It will give a good feeling to your readers and put a positive mark on you. Additionally, a good well-structured theme will help your blog website rank well on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. Though some free WordPress personal blog themes are using, Premium WordPress themes will allow you to modify core elements on your layout and come with cutting-edge features.

Best Personal WordPress Blog Theme

You can use Olsen Lite for your personal food blog, fashion blog, travel blog, adventure blog, corporate blog, sports blog, lifestyle blog, tech blog, app blog and much more. By customizing the theme, it’s possible to use it for any project.

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Best Personal WordPress Blog Theme: Olsen Lite

Olsen Lite is a free responsive theme based on WordPress. Using modern technology like HTML5, CSS3, Bootsratp3, this theme is a recommended choice from our best offers. The quality of the theme is outstanding although it’s free to use commercially. Unlike other free themes, it has extensive professional features.

Fresh & Unique Design

One thing you cannot ignore while choosing a theme – the design. The foremost part that engages users’ appeal is the interface of a site. Olsen Lite is a free WordPress theme that has beautiful design structure enough to please the visitors. Many free themes dearth of fresh and trendy design. But we choose only sites that can meet the valuable end of our visitors.

Best Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Responsive WordPress Site

People equally visit from mobile devices with the web. So, it’s a pre-requisite to keep the site mobile-friendly at the perfect level. Google also checks this important indicator for ranking a site. As our theme is fully mobile-responsive, you don’t have to bother about it. Visitors from web, mobile, and tab equally view the site without any hassle.

Best Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Showcase Your Media

To show your media there has to be a place in the site where you can put your images and videos. As we know, media is a significant part of a business growth. One can quickly gain the customers trust by showing them the work samples. The portfolio images and videos have organized places on the site. Viewers can check them with easy access.

User-friendly WordPress Site

It’s an excellent theme to start a new project with large potentials. Many webmasters installed this free theme for their expensive projects. Because the site is user-friendly with its visual appeal, subtle design, fresh color, and solid typography – users tend to love it comfortably. In addition to the design, the site has all the other features crafted for better user-experience. It’s the best personal WordPress blog theme among many other free WordPress themes.

Best Personal WordPress Blog Theme

SEO-Friendly WP Free Theme

SEO is a significant factor for staying longtime online with acceptance of search engines. Google has become a smart search engine even it cares the UI and UX of a site. WordPress theme developers carefully design a site so the Google may appreciate it. Besides the UI of the site, the other SEO parameters also included. A theme can’t be the best personal WordPress blog theme without taking care of the SEO guideline.

Well-Oriented UI

Get this best personal WordPress blog theme to go fast and to be efficient. To create the impression on users’ first visit to your site you need to keep the UI of the site clean and fresh. If you download Olsen Lite you’ll get amused by its’ nicely designed interface. Let’s utilize the site for your next best project. You must get maximum benefit from it.

Best Personal WordPress Blog Theme

Technology Used: HTML 5, JS, jQuery, CSS3, Bootstrap 3, SAAS


  • Clean & Simple Design
  • Well-structured Grids
  • Beautiful Interface
  • Premium Quality
  • Multiple-Browsers Compatible
  • Responsive WordPress Theme
  • SEO-Friendly


Try Olsen Lite to make your blog more user-friendly and more engaging. You can represent your contents with better visual appeals. The theme is a perfect suit for any blog – business, education, fashion, information – say the least. Hope you enjoy our effort. We also have free HTML Bootstrap theme collection. Check them if you’d like to get a quality responsive free HTML site. For best personal WordPress blog theme free download, visit WP Wagon.

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