To promote a WordPress site was never easier. With right strategies and robust plan you can break into success.

Marketing is always an effective and unavoidable segment for trading and commerce in the first place. There’s a changing notion in marketing strategy based on products, geo-location, time, and money. However, online based marketing is a recent phenomenon that helps every business out there no matter what’s it type or place.

Promotion of a product is an integral part of the business, be it physical or digital. If you’ve recently created a WordPress blog, then you need to tweak it to different places, so your targeted users know about it. You shouldn’t just publish a blog and wait to see it blast regarding traffic and visitors.


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It’s inevitable to have a serious promotion plan. Let your audience know what you’re going to present them by using the right platform. Applying even simple techniques can lead your traffic to grow larger. Due to the stiff competition in blogging, it’s now even more arduous to reach with your blog to your desired destination.

Also, the important fact is that promoting tactics are not same always and you have to keep pace with the trend. Without further ado, let’s discuss the amassed techniques in details.

How To Promote A WordPress Site

These are some of our tested strategies that any blogger can apply and achieve tended results.

1. Create quality, engaging content

The first step you need to do is to create quality, informative and engaging content for your blogs.

promote a WordPress site

Keep in your mind that, a lot if people are working in the same industry. So you shouldn’t add just another copy that serves nothing different. Try to pick a topic that seems a problem to your readers, then improve the presentation.

By providing what your audience wants, you can enhance their experience that eventually leads to long-lasting traffic. The presence of your blog will be more efficient if you carefully decorate your content.

2. Well-organized Architecture Of The Site

promote a WordPress site

A well-designed layout of your site will put a great impression on your reader’s mind. After seeing the first look, they decide whether to stay or not. Therefore, it’s vital to choose a visually appealing theme that can help you to create a purposeful blog.

It’s essential to find a high-quality, user-friendly, and a beautiful theme first. Make sure your theme not only looks fantastic but it works great as well. A satisfactory user experience holds the visitors for a long time.

3. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Since the marketing trend has been on a changing notion for years, you have to keep pace with that. Also, online based entrepreneurship needs online marketing.

The big part of digital marketing is working on social media solely. From the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to other sites – make your blog present there.

promote a WordPress site

Take the best out of these well-known platforms where a lot of people engage themselves. Posting your blog contents to your pages and relevant groups will drive more traffic to your site.

A dedicated Facebook page and a Google+ business page will help you to let the other people know what you’re doing. Social media icons also help users to share the contents they love

4. Keyword-focused URLs

In several places, you can, and you should put your keywords. The most significant place is the URLs of your posts. If you use WordPress as your CMS, you’ll find it easy to customize the permalink.

promote a WordPress site

Especially, in search results, viewers can easily understand what link they should click. If your keywords are in the URLs then first of all search engines will favor it. And then, readers will love it.

5. Write In Other Blogs

By posting on other blogs of your niche, you can positively let their audience know about your blog. It’s called guest posting.

How can a guest post help you to grow your visitors? Well, in many ways.

The readers of the blog where you publish the article might be interested to know about your blog.

Besides that, you’ll earn authority links that are really helpful to boost the ranking of a website.

Altogether, guest posting is a robust strategy that is used to the promotional purpose of a blog, and it’s very effective.

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6. Create Post With Search Engine Guidelines

All the search engines have almost similar guidelines that help the webmasters to create posts that will be loved by them. Any blog can achieve a higher rank on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines.

Optimize the titles, URLs, descriptions, images, subheadings, and other parts properly. To do that easily use a plugin like Yoast or All In One SEO. They will tell you what to do and where to.

Remember that an SEO-friendly content has the maximum probability to appear top of search results. Therefore, you have a great chance to get potential traffic from your target audience.

promote a WordPress site

7. Create Interesting Video

Undoubtedly YouTube is such a big media to gain some prospective traffic. It’s not any hard making a video to publish it on your channel.

Tell the viewers what you’ve just created. Do it in a compelling way. A simple, interesting, clean, informative, and short video may lead some users to the respective site.

Don’t forget that YouTube is a popular media and you have to show your creativity while creating a video. Go easy and straightforward.

8. Send Emails To The Readers

In all of the digital marketing strategies, email marketing is one of the advanced and efficient ways. First, you need to generate an email list by subscription from the newsletter.

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After publishing your blog let your subscribers know about the awesome post. Send them regularly with tailored contents so that they don’t think them as spam.

The bigger your email list, the more traffic you’ll get tentatively. It needs time to build that massive level of the list. Anyway, it’s a proven technique that always works if it’s applied carefully.

9. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites can give some traffic as well as links. A lot of bookmarking sites are available to share your post.

One thing you should keep in your mind that low-quality sites may harm your blog. So, always try to find the high-quality sites and never overuse them.

You may also submit your site in DMOZ – Free Link Directory or other directory sites to get listed.

10. Keep Content Fresh

First of all, search engines love fresh contents. So try to promote your newly published articles and update them regularly.

By updating contents, two important landmarks are attainable. Readers will love your blog, and they will come back again. Hence, search engines will understand that you’re doing something worth to give credit.


A fresh blog can use these tips mentioned above to promote a WordPress site. You don’t need to bound yourself only to these techniques since there more. But you can use them as a starter, and they help a lot.