Creating a WordPress site is a very easy by installing the right theme. But updating contents and maintaining the site is completely a different scenario. While you’re interacting with your viewers, there’s more to take care than just setting up a theme. That’s where comes the help of essential WordPress plugins.

Growing audience and managing the site isn’t that simple as like building a blog. There are hard ways and very comfortable ways regarding the maintenance of the site, not to mention that. You need to do a lot of significant things to tweak your traffics from small amount to a big number.

Don’t you know where to begin? That’s why we have created this list of essential WordPress plugins for a website. From SEO to forms, comments to backup, anti-spamming to social media – a blog or site needs to cover all those things to appear as a world class website. If you try to take care of everything manually, then you require an enormous amount of time.

You may not be a tech-savvy or a web developer or programmer. Then how will you add value to your website? The super easy way is installing necessary plugins to boost your productivity by rendering multiple services. Not only the essential WordPress plugins will save your time, but they will also let you update your site to a new level.

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Plugins for Caching

W3 Total Cache

Essential WordPress Plugins

Page loading speed is one of the crucial factors for ranking in search engines. Google and other major sites rank the sites those are faster in loading and positive for prompt action.

W3 Total Cache is for speeding up the page loading so that your users get an improved experience while visiting your site. It will improve the SEO and overall performance of the site by reducing downloading time.

W3 Total Cache is an essential WordPress plugin for any website. The main task of this plugin is to enhance server performance to provide the users best user experience.

Even during high traffic of larger websites, it will help to take care of the overload. As a result, your site stays on the robust position always.

  • Compatible with shared hosting and dedicated servers.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) management
  • Support for mobile.
  • AMP support
  • SSL support
  • Pages and posts in memory caching

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Hyper Cache Extended

essential WordPress plugins

A faster website needs to manage its caching performance to offer smoother web pages for visitors. But you don’t know how to do that. That’s the exact point where caching plugins work.

Hyper Cache Extended is a necessary plugin among essential WordPress plugins. It’s very flexible for the users, especially who have sites on low support hosting.

It’s easy to use and supports all sorts of hosting, particularly hosting with a low resource. It has several invalidation methods including all, single post, and home and archive pages.

  • wp-pda compatible that allows a blog to access from mobile devices
  • It manages compressed pages (plain and gzip)
  • Autoclean system enabled
  • 404 caching
  • Redirects caching
  • Easy to configure

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Plugins for Backup

Updraft Plus

Essential WordPress Plugins

To backup, your data regularly is one of the important checklists to secure your contents. Without making the data safe, you may face some sort of troubles if you ever happen to lose your elements from the website.

Well, Updraft Plus will not let it happen. This plugin is an integral part of essential WordPress plugins. With more than 1 million plus installs, this plugin must be on your list as a primary tool.

Updraft simplifies the backups and restoration as well for the bloggers and webmasters. It will let you backup your files and database into the Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud data storage.

You can schedule files and database for separate backups. Also, the paid version lets you back up to many other stores or drives including Microsoft OneDrive, Google Cloud Storage, and much more.

  • Support all WordPress backup
  • Quick file and database restore
  • Backup automatically
  • Site duplicator
  • Restores backup sets from other premium plugins
  • Separate schedules for files and database

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Essential WordPress Plugins

When we’re talking about essential WordPress plugins, you need to keep in your mind that backup is a very significant task for a website. Without a proper backup system, you may lose your important data.

Duplicator helps your data to be stored safely and also duplicate your whole site for reuse. This is a powerful solution for backup and duplicating. It’s also one of the best essential WordPress plugins that have been installed around 1 million times

Duplicator allows you the possibility with your WordPress site to copy it and migrate it. You can easily move the contents of your site from one place to another.

  • Moving a blog between domains and hostings.
  • Developing a live site in localhost.
  • Backing up a site manually
  • Duplicate site to a staging area
  • Make a WordPress site packed for redistribution
  • Imrove workflow with package

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Plugins for SEO

Yoast SEO

Essential WordPress Plugins

If you wish to bring more visitors to your site, you have to depend on organic search favor. To acquire that, you have to take care of the SEO so that your site appears on search results.

In the competitive world of websites, you may fall back without taking care of the optimizing your site for SEO. But how will you do that? That’s a matter of a lot of money.

We are here discussing on essential WordPress plugins. Without telling about an SEO plugin, the whole article will definitely be incomplete. Okay, Yoast is an essential, fundamental, and must have a plugin for a site.

Yoast SEO is not only the most user-friendly plugin for SEO, but it will improve the quality of your web pages. It has a premade system that tells you how to create content that will be favorable to search engines.

If you have Yoast SEO, you don’t need to worry about On-page SEO. Including focus keywords, SEO title, sitemaps, meta descriptions, readability and many necessary options assist you to make better your site.

  • Make better contents
  • Page analysis
  • Improvee readability
  • On page optimization
  • Focus keywords
  • XML sitemaps

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All in One SEO

Essential WordPress Plugins

All in One SEO is one of the most downloaded essential WordPress plugins for improving the site in SEO mark. It provides many functions in a single page where you have the opportunity to update your pages as per the rules of search engines.

This plugin is an ideal one for the beginner level of users who don’t know how to make their site SEO-friendly. If you use this plugin on your website, you can easily keep your site up to the mark for SEO.

  • XML Sitemap support
  • Google AMP support
  • Support for Google Analytics
  • SEO on Custom Post Types
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • Redirect attachment pages

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Plugins for Security


Essential WordPress Plugins

To fight against the spamming, you need to tighten the security of your site. Keeping the site safe and secure supposedly gives better user experience and a peaceful blogging opportunity.

After publishing a post, relevant comments increase the attachments to the readers. It’s a wonderful platform to interact with the readers. But the problem is spam in the comments make things worse.

Akismet is a top plugin to fight against spam. It’s one of the free, popular, and essential WordPress plugins. The process of the plugin is to analyze the comments and identify if there’s any spam or not.

  • Filter all comments automatically
  • Findes out those look like spam.
  • Check status history to know more
  • Find hidden links from URLs
  • See the total amount of comments approved
  • Save your disk space and speed up your site.

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Plugins for Forms

Contact Form 7

essential WordPress plugins

How can you make your visitors get in touch? By contact form, they will message you and let you know what do they think about your blog. Contact forms are an important part of essential WordPress plugins.

Contact Form 7 is the most popular plugin because of its awesome features and flexibility. The plugin is a so simple and very flexible that you can apply it to manage multiple forms.

Also, you can customize the form and mail its contents. You can make a combination with Akismet to enable CAPTCHA for spam filtering so that your blog is safe.

  • Supports Ajax-powered submitting
  • Support CAPTCHA
  • Akismet spam filtering
  • Manage multiple contact forms
  • Customize the form
  • Mail the contents

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Contact Form Maker

essential WordPress plugins

Contact Form Maker is a simple plugin to build contact forms as you need it. It allows the user to make contact forms and edit them. Different types of contact form can be made with this plugin.

You don’t require any coding knowledge for creating simple or complex contact forms. Just download this plugin and install in in your website. Essential WordPress plugins like Contact Form Maker will save your time and let you finish your task as you planned it.

In Form Maker, you can add seven field types including custom HTML, Text Input, Captcha, Map, Button, etc.

  • 7 field types .
  • Custom HTML.
  • Pagination.
  • Page break and section break.
  • Custom CSS and Javascript.
  • Custom text for admin and users

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Plugins for Comment

Comment Luv

essential WordPress plugins

Essential WordPress plugins also include commenting tools. With these plugins, bloggers can add more satisfactory options for the users to comment on the post.

Comment Luv is a wonderful tool that helps you to increase interactions to your blog. It brings more comments as well as traffic and also gives you the possibility to make your blog popular on social media.

Not only CommentLuv increases comments but it reduces spam also. You can see the stats of the links that people are clicking. It allows users to put their names while they’re commenting.

  • Fight spam
  • Add keywords
  • Integrate twitter link
  • Add a top commentators widget
  • social enticements
  • Backlink features

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essential WordPress plugins

Disqus is a powerful name in our list of essential WordPress plugins. With this free and great tool, you can make an active relation between your community.

Discus helps you to enlarge your audience actively by providing real-time commenting and social integration. For web comments and discussions you can use this tool to make your blog more interactive.

Building a larger and active community around your blog is always a better idea to receive benefits from your effort. Using this tool, you will be able to know what your users think about the posts you publish.

  • Threaded comments
  • Email notifications of comments
  • Subscription and RSS
  • Social mentions
  • Admin tools and moderation
  • Spam filtering

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Plugins for Social Bookmarking

Add This

essential WordPress plugins

Add This is the tool that allows user sharing contents from your blog. Options for sharing at hundreds of social networking and social bookmarking site are available in this plugin. Including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and a lot of other popular platforms.

By installing this plugin, you’ll be able to show your site on social networking channels. It will show buttons next to your post where people may click them if they like your service or content. You can choose where to display these buttons and which media do you like to attach.

  • Placing the position of buttons
  • Different button styles and sizes
  • Include share counts
  • Personalize sharing platform
  • Mobile Sharing Toolbar
  • Control the number of buttons

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Share Buttons

essential WordPress plugins

Are social plugins part of essential WordPress plugins? The answer is yes because people love to be on social media hence search engines value the appearance on social platforms.

To get your blog to spread over social media, you have to give your users a comfortable option so that they can share what they like. In Share Buttons, people will get almost all social media channels to choose.

After reading your post people can share it in multiple social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all others media available. Add To Any sharing plugin make your site social media ready.

  • Set counters to see the number of shares
  • Floating share buttons
  • Buttons are responsive & customizable, vertical & horizontal
  • Individual share links and custom share icons
  • More 100 of social services
  • Custom placement of the buttons

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Plugins for Statistics

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

essential WordPress plugins

Statistics tools are very important items in essential WordPress plugins. With them, you can see the number of visitors come to your blog per day or even real time.

Google Analytics tool allows you to track the visitors of your site. It uses the tracking code provided by the Google Analytics and lets you know the overall stats of your visitors, keywords, etc.

Additionally, in-depth reports for pages and posts separately gives accurate and more analytical data. By these reports, bloggers can understand the performance of their website in detail.

To pull out more data, you can customize the tracking code and make the plugin opted for advanced functionality. Real time users, per day or per month visitors, and other in detail information available in this plugin.

  • Real-time visitors
  • Analytics reports
  • Basic tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Dashboard for WP on Multisite

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WP Statistics

essential WordPress plugins

WP Statistics is a comprehensive plugin to see the visitor statistics to your site. As you know, more visitors mean more profits. To measure the real engagement, install this plugin.

This awesome tool lets you track stats so that you can make bigger plans and see what potentials can be achievable. You don’t have to any external services if you install this tool on your website.

Presented with graphs, you can analyze the stats for better understanding your site’s performance. In WordPress admin interface, all data are visible.

  • See visitors and page statistics
  • See search queries and redirects
  • GeoIP location by Country
  • Protect your user’s privacy by hashing IP addresses
  • Interactive map of visitors location
  • E-mail reports of statistics

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Summing Up

While you’re getting a lot of features from WordPress, still you’re a dearth of many functionalities. To fill out the void and to increase the efficiency, you need to get the right plugins. Before ending up, we’re reiterating few for your best conscience. When we have selected these plugins amid thousands of them, we’ve seen few features.

  • All plugins are here free
  • They’re best for beginners
  • Every website needs them
  • They will help boost your audience
  • Site maintenance becomes easy
  • No technological expertise needed

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